Crane Paging Intercom System

A crane paging intercom system is a communication system used in construction sites or industrial settings that involves cranes. This system allows operators in the crane to communicate with ground personnel using a two-way intercom or paging system.

The intercom system allows the crane operator and the personnel on the ground to talk to each other directly, while the paging system broadcasts a message to all the people in the designated area. This system is particularly useful when multiple cranes are being used on a construction site, and there is a need to communicate quickly and efficiently.

The crane paging intercom systems are often integrated with other communication and safety systems to provide a comprehensive solution for construction site communication and management.          

                What can the HeoZ Crane Paging Intercom System do?

      • 1. The project is to supply an paing intercom system for RTG Crane. 
      • 2. Each RTG Crane will have installed two intercom systems: One unit Outdoor and one unit Indoor. 
      • 3. The unit Outdoor telephone located in gantry station, it can be same to the unit HZ-WP01HBV. 
      • 4. The unit Indoor industrial telephone HZ-ECB01THBV located in the operator cabin must have a footswitch, gooseneck and hand phone with speaker incorporated. The idea of the foot switch is when the operator activates the switch he can broadcast any message through the gooseneck and the speaker located in the gantry station. The hand phone with speaker and indicator light is to announce to the operator a call is coming and to speak in private using the hand phone with somebody using the unit of the gantry station. 
      • 5. Both devices (Indoor SOS telephone and outdoor weatherproof telephone)must have connected through a cat5 cable. 
      • 6. The distance from the unit in the gantry station to the operator cabin is better within 100 mts. 
      • 7. The route of the cable includes a cable chain together with an electric cable to supply energy to the electric motor (480V and 250 Amp). 8.To consider a possible noise in the communication system, the cable must cancel the interference or noise, so the cable will be with the with the shield and outdoor used.Crane Paging Intercom System3 

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