Blue Tower Emergency Phones,Blue light emergency phone for highway, colleage campuse, street

88 Units of Blue Tower Emergency Phones Will Be Installed in UAE

88 units blue tower emergency phones will be installed in Royal park and highway roadside in UAE next month.

We are so happy to announce that orders for highway SOS call boxes in the Middle East will be shipped to customers this week. Regarding the highway call boxes & roadside emergency telephones, many people may not know it very well. This emergency phone is generally installed in public places, such as parks, campuses, and highways. Under normal circumstances, we can provide the hands-free solution with an analog version, SIP version, or GSM and solar-powered solutions in remote areas. However, all of this is not necessarily fixed and it can be flexibly changed according to customer needs.

How can this emergency tower phone help people in public?

If you have an emergency in the public area, help can be summoned using a Blue Tower Emergency Phones like this, which will put you directly in touch with the police & control center located near.  Officers will respond directly or call other emergency services if needed.

How to use the emergency call boxes?

The Blue Tower Emergency Phones are equipped with a hands-free intercom phone and an LED flashing light on the top of the tower body.  

These tower phones serve as the outdoor alert system and are one of several different types of emergency communications that can be activated during a crisis. 

The Blue Tower Emergency Phones are very easy to call for help. when you meet any emergency situations, just find the blue& orange& red color tower (very similar to this one)around of you, to use the phone is simply press the button and then the Blue Tower Emergency Phones dial out the pre-stored telephone no. automatically. 

A blue, flashing light will illuminate to help indicate your location and signal that immediate help is needed. The control room or police will answer your calls and just report the situation with them to get the right & fast help.

What advantages do our customers appreciate of this column emergency tower phone?

1. IP protection: IP65 minimum.

2. Vandal-proof for the public: Stainless steel (2 mm thickness).

3. Free space for adapting flush mounting Emergency Station and additional special equipment (Battery and other devices).

4. Prepared for integrating an optional CCTV camera.

5. Including a Blue LED lamp on the top for alarm service, the lamp can be powered by DC 12V or solar panel.

6. Including the LED for illuminating the front plate of the Emergency Station.

7. Including all the mechanical accessories for fixing the call box phone on the wall& ground.

In fact, regarding this type of Blue Tower Emergency Phones, it is not only necessary to ensure the quality of the product, but also to ensure the safety of freight transportation. Therefore, delivery is also a very important sector. Our team has specially customized export wooden boxes to ensure that the emergency tower phone is safe when violently loaded and unloaded during air or sea transportation. In addition, for any type of order, our sufficient free spare parts and core accessories also greatly increase the time cost of customer site installation and test replacement.

More successful projects and new products development will notify all of our important customers as soon as we finish it. Our team is always professional, efficient, and flexible to support you.

If you have any project require for Blue Tower Emergency Phones, HeoZ could provide you the very competitive solution and help you win the bids! 

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