5 Efficient suggestions for buyers about how to buy a satisfactory cleanroom telephone.

5 Efficient suggestions for buyers about how to buy a satisfactory cleanroom telephone.

Cleanroom telephones are widely used in operating rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical factory workshops, dust-free workshops, and other places with high environmental requirements. Generally, cleanroom telephones can be made of ABS+PE membrane or SUS304 stainless steel. Because of the special use environment of the cleanroom, the general cleanroom communication system projects require no gaps between the speakers, microphones, and buttons of the telephone. The surface of the cleanroom telephone is completely flat, with waterproof and dustproof performance. The material can be cleaned and sterilized. Generally, clean room phones purchased on the market are hands-free intercom, no need to pick up the phone by hand to avoid contact pollution.

Judging from our experience in marketing our analog and SIP VoIP cleanroom telephones, we are rather confident that we could give out the professional suggestions for you to choose the best solution for your project and help you to have reliable and comfortable communication equipment.

The first step is to confirm the reliability performance of the cleanroom telephone. Regarding the reliability of the cleanroom telephone system, there are 4 main measurement standards that could be checking items for your reference.

The first is the airtightness of the clean phone. Regarding the airtightness of cleanroom telephones, HeoZ clean telephones are fully sealed against water and can ensure that the caller’s voice is clear, thus enabling barrier-free duplex calls.

The second criterion is the ease of cleaning and disinfection of cleanroom phones. On the easy cleaning and disinfection of cleanroom telephones, the benefit is the seamless sealing of the HeoZ cleanroom intercom panel. The HeoZ cleanroom phone does not accumulate dust and has no sanitary corners, users can use the cleaning water gun to rinse and disinfect the surface of the equipment. In addition, the imported materials used on the surface of our cleanroom telephones have anti-corrosion properties, allowing users to use special cleaning solvents to wash or disinfect the surface of cleanroom telephones. We strongly recommend customers to note that some cleanroom telephones on the market are not qualified for airtightness, which prevents them from being used for water gun flushing, is easy to accumulate dust, and has sanitary corners, leaving hidden dangers for the complete sterility of the equipment.

The third criterion is the protrusion degree of the clean phone with the installation surface. HeoZ clean phone protruding design, in response to the user of the clean phone and installation surface protruding requirements, we designed a super plane plate, and the installation surface is basically flat, only protruding 2-3mm, so as to ensure that our clean room telephone is not easy to dust and tidy.

The fourth criterion is the functionality of cleanroom phones, HeoZ Clean Phone is a powerful calling terminal. The latest telephone communication design, not only improves the sound quality of the telephone but also improves the clarity of the voice, which greatly improves the insufficiency of similar products.

The 2nd step is to find out the clean room telephone material selection from ABS+PE membrane or stainless steel. The clean room telephone can choose ABS+PE membrane material or SUS304/316 material.

There is the ABS+PE membrane clean room telephone has a button panel, which is generally embedded on some color steel plates in the clean room workshop . The surface of the telephone is flat and space-saving. The surface has no pores, and it does not produce dust or accumulate dust. The easy-to-clean surface has a waterproof function, and can be sterilized and disinfected without picking up the handset to avoid contact cross contamination.



Clean Room Intercom with panel PE film with ABS process, speakers, buttons, microphones without clearance.

Stainless steel cleanroom telephones are nothing more than performance and appearance upgrades. Therefore, some more strict dust-free areas or clean areas will use stainless steel cleanroom telephones. Compare with the material, the performance of stainless steel cleanroom telephones has a longer service life than the ABS+PE membrane cleanroom telephone. At the same time, the stainless steel cleanroom telephone has the function of lightning protection.

The panel and shell of the stainless steel cleanroom telephone have a completely flat surface and strong impact resistance. The shell is made of 304/316 stainless steel. Its shell has a grounding device and is electrically isolated from the internal circuit. It has a certain electromagnetic shielding effect; the voice is clear during the call and there is no feedback whistle. Of course, if it needs to be used in a high-intensity and high-decibel workshop, we will recommend that customers add a power supply to increase the volume of the cleanroom telephone. But it is better to control the standard volume level to ensure the health of the staff in the work area.

Weatherproof Clean Room Phone with Full Keypad

The 3rd step is to check out the telephone system version of the cleanroom project. HeoZ team recommends that customers choose the analog version of the cleanroom telephone if the back end system is an analog PBX system, And to choose a SIP VoIP clean phone If the back end system is a SIP PBX and server. HeoZ team can also tailor a cleanroom telephone solution with a point to point intercom communication for customers.

The 4th step is to check out the installation method of the cleanroom telephone. Normally HoeZ team provides the embedded in wall mounted cleanroom phone and on wall mounted cleanroom phone solution. Embedded in-wall installation is the choice of most of our customers because this installation method is more convenient for cleaning management. However, a small number of customers require on-wall-mounted installation, so wall-mounted cleanroom telephones can also be provided and meet a few special needs of customers.

The 5th step is to verify the quality of cleanroom telephones. Because of the special environment of the cleanroom, in case the quality is unstable and unreliable, the phone cannot be used normally, or it needs to be removed and repaired when it is broken, which will have a great impact on the cleanroom environment. The cleanroom phone with poor quality will directly bring economic losses to our end customers and also affects the business reputation of our agents. Therefore, we recommend that customers must test samples to verify the reliability of the clean phones and the supplier’s sense of responsibility before purchasing. We hope that our customers will be assured and happy with us in every business cooperation and be profitable for a long time.

More information about the industrial telephone solution development or marketing new trends will notify all of our important customers in a very short time, we are always happy to share! Please stay tuned with us!

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